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Quantified Self Pioneer Larry Smarr Joins as Senior Advisor

Smarr to help guide the path of the #My31 data property movement with initial focus on emancipating inherent human data to transform healthcare


PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY – May 9th – (BUSINESS WIRE), the company behind the #My31 movement championing data as people’s personal property, announces cyber infrastructure and Quantified Self pioneer Larry Smarr as Senior Advisor. In this role, Mr. Smarr will add his deep knowledge of technology and vast market shaping experience to help guide the adoption of the #My31 movement.

“Right now there is a crisis brewing that most people do not seem to realize. The data we create every day is beginning to form a ‘digital twin’ of each of us. This is the digital representation of who we are,” Mr. Smarr explains. “Failure to extend a property interest to our digital twins means that we as individuals will have no legal recourse to what is done with that data.”

He predicts that individual digital property rights will open up a new world of widely-shared biomedical data that will form the basis of personalized wellness and medicine. Given that data, unlike oil, is a non-rivalrous asset, the track and trace model of consent built on a consumer property interest to data is essential to ascertain the benefits of Fair Trade Data to society.

Smarr is known for using his own body to generate vast amounts of genetic, biomarker, and imaging data. He demonstrated the promise of early detection of disease would allow interventions to reverse the course. His goal is for each of us to become “the CEO of our own body.”

“The sheer volume of impacts Mr. Smarr has had on the world of health and data are staggering,” says Richie Etwaru, CEO of “He is ideally positioned to guide us in the direction of creating a consumer-inclusive data economy instead of the globally disagreeable ‘consumer-not-invited’ data economy we have today. With Mr. Smarr joining our team, Fair Trade Data is that much closer to becoming an agreeable reality.”

Mr. Smarr joins the Board of Advisors as a Senior Advisor alongside other experts in technology, policy and ethics; including: Ray Wang, Rita McGrath and Craig Lipset.


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