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PulsePoint and Partner on Consumer Data Ownership Movement for Healthcare Advertising

Partnership advances new open standard for data ownership




PulsePoint, the leading global authority in programmatic health technology, and, the company behind the #My31 movement to advance personal ownership of data, today announced a partnership to enable how digital identity is utilized across the internet.


With the most intelligent health-centered view of the customer, PulsePoint has pioneered radical health personalization™. The company’s data technology, Genome by PulsePoint™, accelerates the discovery and activation of patients and providers across its programmatic health platform. By combining consented health and other real-world evidence, there is an opportunity to surface insights leading to faster diagnosis, improving treatments and supporting better health outcomes. The partnership will allow Hu-manity’s #My31 movement to enter the programmatic health technology space, enabling an individual to claim their digital identity as their property to be fairly compensated.


The partnership with PulsePoint shows a real-world way for people and brands to partner around healthcare advertising data.


“This notion of fair trade data is very powerful. Individuals will gain control of how their digital identity is used. With the PulsePoint partnership we are creating something the world has never seen before,” says Richie Etwaru, founder and CEO of “The partnership enables the #My31 movement to enter the programmatic advertising space where an individual’s personal data can now be claimed as their property. This has tremendous implications for a number of healthcare use cases. From clinical trial recruitment to encouraging adherence.”


Once enough users opt-in to’s #My31 app (Android and iPhone), individuals will be able to decide who can market to them as well as what type of products or services they want to learn more about. Whenever a person’s data is used, that person would receive fair market compensation for the value of that data.


“We believe we will be on the right side of big data history as we explore ways to incorporate the Hu-manity ID into the 110 billion daily opportunities PulsePoint executes between advertisers and publishers. This will bring a new level of trust and transparency to advertisers and users,” said Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint.


About PulsePoint

PulsePoint is the leading global authority in programmatic health technology. With the most intelligent health-centered view of the customer, PulsePoint has pioneered radical health personalization™, accelerating the discovery and activation of patients and providers for real world outcomes, while helping publishers increase ad revenue through actionable insights. PulsePoint’s core competencies include proprietary data capabilities, natural language processing, and reach across digital devices. On the strength of these capabilities, PulsePoint manages a successful programmatic exchange and content marketing distribution platform for all industry verticals. Investors in the company include Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Gotham Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures (NAV), Patricia Industries, Updata Partners and VantagePoint Capital Partners.


About is the world’s first and only organization developing human rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on blockchains. The company has headquarters in New Jersey, USA and operates in multiple countries. The leadership team includes over two dozen senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, academic scholars, and senior policy advisors from North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. The vision of is a world where the next generation of human rights and policies emerge from a balance of centralized power and decentralized technologically empowered communities. The mission is to create the 31st Human Right in a decentralized manner as an example for other organizations and visionaries to follow.


31st Human Right:
“Everyone has the right to legal ownership of their inherent human data as property.”


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