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Movement Adoption Goals

A mobile App for iPhone and Android built on blockchain that enables you to join the global movement to claim your 31st Human Right the right to claim your personal data as your property and have a seat at the table when your personal data is used by corporations, and other 3rd parties.

Your Data Property Title

Once you claim your 31st Human Right, you will receive a title for your digital data declaring it as your property. While privacy is often misunderstood, property is powerful, well understood, and comes with ownership.

Data classified as legal property will give you higher levels of privacy and security control, and will qualify you to receive consideration when your inherent human data is bought and sold.

Property appreciates and builds wealth.

Property can earn income.

Property gives you agency in your life.

Property can be leveraged.

Property is improvable.

Setting Data Permissions

You will have the choice to opt-in or opt-out of the new property-centric marketplace.

United States residents can elect to have all, part or none of your healthcare record on the new marketplace to be respected as personal property, and receive consideration via multiple forms of currency.

For now, you can select the length of the lease you would like healthcare companies to subscribe to.

As the movement grows, you will be able to set more specific lease terms such as annual lease fees and terms of lease termination.

Over time, individuals worldwide will be able to join the movement and claim their 31st Human Right.

Currently United States residents will be able to claim the right, receive a title, set permissions on healthcare data, and grow the movement for HuBucks.

Grow the Movement

Record and share a video proclaiming your 31st Human Right, the right to own your data as your property.

You will find some examples in the App. Be sure to post yours and show the pride.

Take a selfie in the #My31 App, add #My31 stickers to it and share your data property pride.

Our friends and family need to claim their data as their property as well, what better way to get their attention.

Earn HuBucks for growing the movement via your video proclamation, selfie and sharing the movement.

These are small rewards, for helping to share the movement.