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© 2019, Nominated to Present Blockchain-Built Proposed Human Right #31 At United Nations 2018 Internet Governance Forum

Founders of, the world’s first and only organization developing decentralized human rights and corollary sovereign laws on blockchains are nominated to speak on Human Right #31 at the 2018 United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Paris France


Princeton, New Jersey – June 12th – (BUSINESS WIRE)

Michael DePalma and Richie Etwaru, founders of, a company designed to create decentralized human rights using proprietary technology and legal innovations on blockchains, have been nominated to present at the 2018 United Nations Internet Governance Forum on the proposed ability to create decentralized digital human rights using blockchains. The United Nations Internet Governance Forum is a global multi-stakeholder platform that facilitates discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet. French President Emmanuel Macron announced the 2018 Internet Governance Forum will be held in Paris, France November 12-14th.

The topic of digital human rights “is now at the forefront of our evolution” said Dr. Lee W. McKnight, Associate Professor, School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. According to Dr. McKnight, “it is great news that blockchain technology now enables the decentralized creation of human rights,” asserting that decentralized rights can now sustainably develop human well-being. has declared the 31st human right: “Everyone has the right to legal ownership of their inherent human data as property.” #31 would be the world’s first decentralized human right, and is proposed to be an addition to the existing 30 rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and bestowed to every human at birth.

The United Nations Secretary General announced the establishment of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum in July 2006. The first UN IGF convened in October–November 2006, and meets annually since. Main topics and workshops include Sustainable Development and the Internet Economy, Digital Human Rights, and Internet and Public Policy. founders Michael DePalma and Richie Etwaru have been nominated to the UN IGF by the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) and Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (IRPC), to speak during a 90-minute session titled “Your 31st (Decentralized) Human Right,” which is intended to commence corollary discussions on the proposed 31st human right built decentralized on blockchains, as an extension of the 30 human rights enumerated in the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

The creation of decentralized human rights to address the broad humanitarian issues that our current 30 human rights do not address is no longer a nice to have” said Richie Etwaru, Founder and CEO at According to Mr. Etwaru “our inherent data must be classified as our property” citing a current critical humanitarian issue where our inherent data is being bought, sold and used in a global human data marketplace estimated to be between $150B and $200B annually. “We have an ongoing digital feudalism” suggests Michael DePalma, Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer at, “and we are all digital serfs.” According to Mr. DePalma without human right #31 classifying our data as our property “organizations will continue to buy, sell and use inherent human data leaving humans no choice or control as to where, how, when or by whom their data is used.”

To enable the creation of the 31st human right developed proprietary technology that identifies existing legal corridors in privacy centric regulations, and has designed new intelligent contracts on blockchains which anyone can use to negotiate new property centric terms of consent and authorization with corporations, via an iPhone and Android App on mobile devices.’s global inherent Human Data Consent and Authorization Blockchain (HD-CAB) is built on a “chain of chains” strategy combining Ethereum and other fabrics. Consent and authorization to use inherent human datasets – geospatial data, driver and vehicle history, consumer spending habits, medical history, and recreational habits – can now be managed transparently as legal property on a blockchain. Humans who claim and exercise the new decentralized human right #31 will enjoy the legal characteristics of property ownership for inherent human data, such as involvement in sale, fair market value negotiations, sharing, security, and protection from theft.


About is the world’s first and only organization developing human rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on blockchains. The company has headquarters in New Jersey, USA and operates in multiple countries. The leadership team includes over two dozen senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, academic scholars, and senior policy advisors from North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. The vision of is a world where the next generation of human rights and policies emerge from a balance of centralized power and decentralized technologically empowered communities. The mission is to create the 31st human right in a decentralized manner, to inspire other organizations and visionaries to follow.

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