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© 2019, Establishes Credo To Power An Unprecedented Venture Credo

cre·do /ˈkrēdō/

noun – a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions. “she announced her credo in her first editorial”


We believe our first responsibilities are to human freedoms, liberties, and ability to thrive. Our focus is to anticipate the challenges of the future, and use research and innovation to solve tangible problems where other organizations lack the audacity to act. We are dedicated to the betterment of the men and women of the world of all races, genders, and social statuses. Only then shall we be responsible to our partners, shareholders, and ourselves.


We will enable and empower all to join in this journey, by building bridges of transformation to the future, instead of walls of disruption. We will do this with respect, fair business practices, laudable intent, and a relentless ethos towards trust and transparency. Our marketplace products and messages will be empowering and uplifting, enabling and encouraging other organizations and regions to rise to the occasion by imitating our ethos.


We will continually strive to be the best, in the areas of decentralization by design, experience through empathy, and performance by precision. Our products and services will be built with quality and longevity at the core, and our commercial design will prioritize long-term viability of our vision and organization over short-term gains.


Lastly, we will operate amongst ourselves as family. Respect, self- awareness, and camaraderie are to be mixed and balanced with focus, productivity, and a joint commitment to forward momentum. We must forever remember that our ability to meet our first responsibility, also preserves and benefits our families, friends, neighbors, communities and cultures.


We agree to not work on Sundays.