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© 2021, - We Believe Your Data is Your Property closes $5.5 Million pre-seed funding to build the next “zero-to-one” invention on blockchains

New Jersey, USA based venture led by a few dozen seasoned cross-functional executives announces the close of a $5.5 Million round of pre-seed funding led by angel investors. is a venture designed to build the next “zero-to-one” invention on blockchains. Recognizing that the essence of blockchains enables our species to test our collective ability to recreate concepts that came from centralization such as currency in a decentralized manner, the company intends to test the decentralization of a new zero-to-one decentralization concept – decentralized human rights. Pre-seed funding sufficiently capitalizes the organization through design, product, launch and cash flow. The company intends to skip the seed round and will be re-engaging the investor community into a Series-A round in September 2018.

The corporate formation and pre-seed funding transactions were managed and facilitated by US law firm McCarter & English LLP lead by Dave Sorin, Managing Partner. In addition to several accolades, McCarter & English LLP recently announced the launch of a new Blockchain, Smart Contract and Digital Currency Practice, which is being led by East Brunswick Managing Partner Dave Sorin. will be making a series of announcements leading up to a product launch in August 2018. Announcements will include additional corporate entities, new leadership additions, strategic partnerships with corporations, foundations and countries, a board of advisors, and a board of directors. The first version of the blockchain-built App will be available on iPhone and Android in August 2018 globally and will enable individuals to experience decentralized human rights.

To start, the company has declared the 31st human right as: “Everyone has the right to legal ownership of their inherent human data as property.” #31 is the world’s first decentralized human right, and an addition to the existing 30 rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and bestowed to every human at birth. Starting August 2018, humans globally will be able to download the blockchain-built App onto iPhone and Android mobile phones, claim the 31st human right, and communally exercise the new decentralized right to legal ownership of their inherent human data.


As a first call to action to the world, Richie Etwaru, Founder and CEO of laid out the arguments for a second zero-to-one innovation on blockchains at a TEDx event in France on April 10th, 2018. Please find TEDx video below.

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