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New Company Uses Blockchain To Declare A 31st Human Right, Empowering All Humans To Claim Legal Ownership Of Inherent Human Data

The world’s first and only decentralized human rights App built on blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, will enable humans globally to claim a new human right, establishing legal ownership of our inherent human data as our property.


Princeton, New Jersey – June 5th – (BUSINESS WIRE), a new company designed to create decentralized human rights using proprietary technology and legal innovations on blockchains, has declared the 31st human right: “Everyone has the right to legal ownership of their inherent human data as property.” #31 is the first decentralized human right, and an addition to the existing 30 rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and bestowed to every human at birth. Starting August 2018, humans globally will be able to download a blockchain App onto iPhone and Android mobile phones, claim the 31st human right, and communally exercise the new decentralized right to legal ownership of their inherent human data as property.

Ongoing research from estimates the size of the global human data marketplace to be between $150B and $200B annually. Without human right #31 classifying our data as our property, organizations currently buy, sell and use inherent human data leaving humans no choice or control as to where, how, when or by whom their data is used. Richie Etwaru, CEO and founder of describes a global misdirected focus on privacy, stating that “our privacy has already been violated and is near impossible to salvage because our current technology systems were not built with privacy in mind.” The new global focus, he asserts, “should be a recognition of our inherent human data as our legal property,” indicating that data classified legally as property will give us higher levels of privacy and security control, and will qualify us to receive consideration when our inherent human data is bought, sold or used. has developed proprietary technology that identifies existing legal corridors in privacy regulations, and has designed new intelligent contracts on blockchains which humans can use to negotiate new terms of consent and authorization with corporations.’s global inherent Human Data Consent and Authorization Blockchain (HD-CAB) is built on a “chain of chains” strategy combining Ethereum and other fabrics. Consent and authorization to use inherent human datasets – geospatial data, driver and vehicle history, consumer spending habits, medical history, and recreational habits – can now be managed transparently as legal property on a blockchain. Humans who claim and exercise the new decentralized human right #31 will enjoy the legal characteristics of property ownership for inherent human data, such as involvement in sale, fair market value negotiations, sharing, security, and protection from theft.

All organizations currently involved in the human data marketplace will be able to transition to new trusted and transparent industry designs with minimal investments and disruption by installing the global consent and authorization blockchain. This will enable humans, corporations, and the monetization of inherent human data to co-exist. Corporations will enjoy blockchain-backed explicit consent and authorization to use inherent human data, and humans will enjoy greater levels of security, privacy, and control while qualifying to receive consideration via multiple forms of currency. According to Elizabeth Litten, Partner and HIPAA Privacy & Security Officer at Fox Rothschild LLP, “the ability for inherent human data to be decentrally classified as legal property represents the beginning of the next generation of interpretation and application of data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and DPPA, enabling individuals to assert data privacy rights via technology.” will be engaging on social media via the #My31 call to action, facilitating an in-depth discussion on who should be the first human to claim the world’s first decentralized human right.


About is the world’s first and only organization developing human rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on blockchains. The company has headquarters in New Jersey, USA and operates in multiple countries. The leadership team includes over two dozen senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, academic scholars, and senior policy advisors from North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. The vision of is a world where the next generation of human rights and policies emerge from a balance of centralized power and decentralized technologically empowered communities. The mission is to create the 31st human right in a decentralized manner as an example for other organizations and visionaries to follow.

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